Extra Large Cleaning Wipes 2

Extra Large Cleaning Wipes 2

Cleaning wipes for use on Multiple Monitors, Whiteboards, LCD / LED / OLED TV screens, Windows, Windscreens, Hoods, Glass Doors and more really big surfaces.

Moppitt Mop

Moppitt Mop

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Trusted By Airlines

Experience the power of iCloth, the cleaning solution that's taking flight. Engineered with aerospace-approved materials, our individually-sealed, 70% IPA Cleaning Wipes deliver streak-free shine to your screens. From smartphones to large displays, rely on the brand that's trusted by airlines. With iCloth, cleanliness isn't just clarity, it's peak performance. Elevate your cleaning routine—choose iCloth.

Trusted By Airlines

Revolutionizing Cleanliness in Travel & Hospitality

Moppitt's touch-less cleaning solutions are championed by travel and hospitality industries for their compact, all-in-one design. Each system integrates pre-moistened cleaning cartridges and mops, tailored for the stringent hygiene needs of airlines, trains, hotels, and RVs. Proudly paving the way for superior cleanliness, every Moppitt product offers a seamless, comprehensive cleaning experience. Choose Moppitt - your streamlined answer to pristine environments.

Revolutionizing Cleanliness in Travel & Hospitality

Must have for schools!

Julie - Education

In our school district, we rely on iCloth to keep our electronics free from smudges and dirt. An excellent product!

A boon for healthcare

Bill - Healthcare

In our hospital, cleanliness is paramount. iCloth wipes are an integral part of our equipment cleaning routine. Simply brilliant!

Fantastic product!

Dave - Aviation

iCloth has transformed our operations and kept our devices impeccably clean. Highly recommended for anyone in the aviation industry!

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